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Demantoid is an andradite, a green variety of garnet. The very name of demantoid garnet highlights one of the most spectacular features of this gemstone. The word 'demant' is a Dutch word that means 'diamond-like'. Demantoid has a dispersion rate that exceeds that of a diamond, technically this means that the gemstone has a fire that beats that of a diamond. While the initial supply to the gemstone markets came from Russian, much of the commercial production of demantoid garnets today happens from Madagascar.

The Russian demantoid garnets have one more natural phenomenon aside from, the awesome fire and brilliance that demantoid is known for. Russian demantoid gemstones at times show the gorgeous 'horse tail' inclusions. Cutting the gemstone at the perfect orientation makes the firbrous horse tail inclusions burst out of the center. Since Russian demantoid garnets are becoming rarer by the day, the possibility of getting a fine demantoid with horse tail inclusions is gradually fading away. The horse tail inclusions are infact a bunch of asbestos fibres that are naturally present in the gem. These inclusions have not been noticed in demantoid garnets from other sources.

The price of demantoid garnets does not look like going low any time soon. The availability of Madagascar demantoid garnets has spread word of the beauty and fire of the gem. The sustained demand puts he pressure on supply and sellers would not be easing prices in the near or distant future. Demantoid gems are generally available in smaller sizes, you could enjoy their beauty and grace by including them as accent gems in your jewelry too. For the knowledgeable gems and jewelry buyer, the fact that demantoid is an untreated gem is something that enhances it's value and desirability.


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